Tips and tricks to make olympiads easy

A comprehensive guide to prepare for Olympiads. I have tried designing each lesson in a very simple and easy format so that kids enjoy studying for the exam and not find it a load.

Preparing my daughter for this exam gave me the idea of coming up with this blog so that my work could be reused by other parents.

I tried to teach maths thru games and charts rather than making her do tedious activity books and believe it or not solving the sample papers also became a fun activity for her. Most of my lessons are in pictorial format so that it is very easy for the kid to grasp the concepts.

I have also included an activity section with each topic to reinforce the concepts. Have also put up a small collection of worksheets for practice. My daughter enjoyed the poster making activity the most. I have also put up some posters made by my daughter and some found on the net made by other kids.  

Please feel free to drop in a message if you have any doubts or suggestions.

Enjoy !!!!!