NSO for class 1

A look at the syllabus for NSO for class 1. I have tried designing the lessons based on the  previous year question papers. It is divided into 3 sections

Section 1 : Mental Ability/Logical reasoning

Section 2 : Science

Chapter 1 : Living and non living things around us

Activities / Worksheets on living/non living

Chapter 2 : Plants

-> Type of plant

-> Edible parts of a plant

-> Stages of plant growth

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IMO for class 1


Have tried breaking the syllabus given by IMO into smaller parts for better understanding.

Syllabus :

– Number sense

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IEO for class 1

A quick look at the syllabus for IEO/ English olympiad.IEO paper is divided into 4 sections :

Word and structural knowledge; Reading; Spoken and written expression; Achievers section

Chapter 1 : Jumbled words

Chapter 2: Words and their meanings/Synonyms

Chapter 3: Words and their opposites/Antonyms

Chapter 4: Identify words from picture

Chapter 5: Making  a word

Chapter 6: Feminine and masculine;One and many

Chapter 7: Word pairs, Odd One Out

Chapter 8: Animals and their babies

Chapter 9:Nouns

Chapter 10: Verbs

Chapter 11: Articles

Chapter 12:Adjectives

Chapter 13: People and their professions

Chapter 14: Spelling and word identifications

Chapter 15: Prepositions

Chapter 16: Comprehension