Grade 3 science (NSO) : Animals


Lets brush up on the basics first. The class 1 lessons will give a nice overview of the animal life.

Animals: Classification


Animals:Collective nouns


Animals:Animal homes

Animals:Sounds animals make

Animals:Domestic and Wild

Animals:Baby names

Animals: Activities and worksheets

Differentiating animals based on their eating habits

  1. Herbivores

    1. Eat only plants.
    2. They have strong and broad back teeth to grind food.
    3. Examples :Elephant, cow, deer, horse etc
  2. Carnivores

    1. Kill other animals and eat their flesh
    2. They have pointed teeth to tear their flesh
    3. Examples : Tiger, wolf, lion etc
  3. Omnivores

    1. Eat both plants and animals
    2. They cannot digest some of the substances in grains or other plants that do not produce fruit. They can eat fruits and vegetables, though.
    3. Examples : Crow, Dog, bear etc
  4. Scavengers

    1. Eat the flesh of dead animals
    2. While they eat them, they break them into small bits. In this process, flies, wasps and cockroaches are scavengers.
    3.  Earthworms are also scavengers, but they only break down plants.
    4. Examples : Hyena, vulture, jackal, cockroach etc

Differentiating animals based on their movement

  1. Animals like rabbits, bear, lion etc have four legs and can run/walk on land.
  2. Animals like snake, earthworm , snail etc do not have legs and wriggle on land
  3. Birds and insects fly in air with the help of their wings
  4. Fish , whale . dolphins etc swim in water with the help of fins.

Uses of animals

  1. Food from animals

    1. Animals like cow , buffalo, goat etc give us milk .
    2. Hen, ducks give us eggs
    3. Animals like chicken, goat , fish , crab etc give us meat
    4. Honeybees give us honey and wax
  2. Clothes from animals

    1. Silkworm give us silk
    2. Wool comes from animals like rabbits, sheep, goat, camel and yak
    3. leather is made from the skin of dead animals
  3. Manure and fuel

    1. The waste (dung) of animals like cow, buffalo, horse , goat and camel is used to make manure
    2. Dried dung is also used as fuel
  4. Transport

    1. Animals like donkey, camel and horse are used to carry loads
    2. They are also attached to carts to carry people from one place to another
  5. Help us in growing crops

    1. Oxen hep in the farm to plough the fields
    2. They also help to draw water and thrash grains.