Grade 2 Science (NSO) : Good habits and safety rules

Before starting lets take a look at the Grade 1 lessons

Human beings: Good habits

Safety: Safety rules

Safety: Traffic rules

Safety: Activities and worksheets

Safety Rules

Safety rules at home :

  • Do not play with match sticks, scissors, switches, plugs , fire, knives etc
  • Keep things in proper places afetr using them
  • Immediately inform an adult if you get hurt

Safety rules on the road

  • Always walk on the footpath or safe side of the road
  • Cross the road at the zebra crossing or when the pedestrian light is green
  • Do not run or play on the road

Safety in the school bus

  • Do not get in or out in a moving bus
  • Do not lean out of the window of the bus
  • Never disturb the driver
  • Stand in a queue and wait for your turn to board the bus

Safety at the playground

  • Always follow the rules of the game
  • Do not pull or push others
  • Do not play near water bodies

Safety rules while swimming

  • Alwys swim in the presence of elders
  • Use swimming tubes, floaters and arm bands if you are a learner
  • Do not go to the deep end of the pool
  • Do not push or pull others in the pool

First Aid

First aid is the immediate help given to a person before the doctor arrives

The main aim of giving first aid is to Save lives and keeping the person comfortable till help arrives

Common emergencies that need first aid are : bleeding, wounds, poisioning, insect bites, burns etc

Good Habits