Grade 2 Science (NSO): Housing and Clothing

Housing and clothing

A quick  look at the Grade 1 lessons

Human Beings:Different rooms in the house

Human Beings : Clothes we wear

A house is a place where we feel safe. It protects us from the sun, rain, wind, wild animals and thieves.

Types of houses

  1. Permanent houses

    1. These houses cannot be shifted from one place to another
    2. People build these houses according to their needs.
    3. Huts are made of mud, straw, wood , bamboo and clay and are not very strong (also called kucha house in india)
    4. Flats and bungalows are made of bricks , cement, steel and concrete(mixture of cement, sand,small stones and water). These are very strong. (also called pucca house in india)
  2. Temporary houses

    1. Houses that can be moved  easily from one place to another.
    2. These are also called portable houses.
    3. They are easy to make and cheap
    4. Example
      1. Tent : Made of nylon or canvas.
        • Used by soldiers and campers.
      2. Houseboat : House made on boats that float on water bodies.
        • It is made of wood
      3. Caravan : A house on wheels is called a caravan

Special houses

Stilt houses :

  1. These are built on bamboo poles or wooden logs
  2. These houses are mostly made in places where it rains heavily and floods are common.
  3. Houses are built at a height so that it is not flooded.

Igloo :

  1. People in very cold places build houses by using blocks of snow.
  2. It is a dome shaped house
  3. It is also called a snow house

 Clothes For Us

Types of clothes

  1. Cotton

    1. Cotton clothes are worn in summers
    2. It helps keep our body cool
    3. Cotton clothes absorb sweat easily and allow air to pass through them.
    4. Cotton is obtained from cotton plant
    5. The threads are woven to make clothes
  2. Woolen

    1. These keep us warm
    2. We wear them in winters
    3. Wool is obtained from the hair present on the bodies of some animals like sheep, rabbit etc
    4. The soft hair of these animals is called Fur.
  3. Silk

    1. Silk clothes keep us warm in winters and cool in summers
    2. It is obtained from the cocoon of a Silkworm
    3. The silkworm feeds on mulberry leaves and spins a cocoon around itself which is made of long threads
    4. These threads are used to make silk clothes.
  4. Leather

    1. Leather clothes help us keep warm
    2. It is obtained from the skin of dead animals like cows, pigs, goats etc
    3. Leather is also used to make shoes, belts and bags
  5. Waterproof clothes

    1. These clothes prevent us from getting wet in the rainy season
    2. They are made of plastic, rubber etc
    3. examples Raincoat , gum boots etc

Types of fibre

Clothes are made from threads called yarn, which is made by spinning thinner threads called fibres. There are 2 types of fibres :

  • Natural fibres : Natural fibres are obtained from plants and animals. Examples : cotton, silk, jute, wool etc
  •  Synthetic fibres : Synthetic fibres are man-made fibres. They are made by using chemicals. Rayon, nylon and polyester are some examples of synthetic fibres.

Journey of cotton fibres to clothes

Journey of silk fibres to silk clothes