Grade 2 Science : Plants


Lets brush up on the basics first. The class 1 lessons will give a brief overview of the plant life.

Plants:Parts of a plant

Plants : Uses of different plants

Plants: Fruits

Plants – Parts we eat

Plant – Types of plants

Plants activities and worksheets

Type of plants

Let’s learn about the type of plants in more detail


Big and strong.

Have large woody stem called Trunk which divides into many branches.

The branches bear leaves, flowers and fruits.

Trees live for many years

They come in different shapes;Tallest tree : Redwoods Smallest :Dwarf willow

Examples : Mango tree, Palm tree, eucalyptus tree, Banyan tree etc


Small but strong plants

They have thin brown or green colored woody stem

They have many branches

Live only for few years

Examples : Rose plant, Hibiscus plant , cotton plant etc


Small but weak

Stems and branches are green and soft

Herbs have their own smell

They live for a very short time

Examples : Mint, Rice, spinach, Banana etc

Did u know :

Banana plant has green colored soft stem and it lives for a short time. The banana plant is the biggest herb.
Tomato plant has green, delicate stem and is a herb and not a shrub.


Need the support of a stick or wall to grow

They have weak stems

Examples : Grapevine, money plant, pepper plant, pea plant


Grow along the ground

They have weak, green stems with thin branches that rest on the ground.

They generally bear big heavy fruits.

Examples : Watermelon , cucumber, sweet potato etc

Plants can also be divided into 2 more categories

Thorny Plants

These plants have spines, thorns or prickles.

These sharp outgrowth discourage plant-eating animals from eating them.

Desert plants have spines, which are actually leaves and help to reduce water loss

Stem of many plants have sharp outgrowths, called thorns. plants like rose have prickles.

Examples : Cactus , thorns in lemon plant, prickles in rose plant

Water Plants

These plants grow in water bodies such as ponds,lakes etc

Some of these plants float. They are called floating plants like lotus and duckweed

Many water plants grow inside water and are known as Submerged plants like seaweed, hydrilla, etc