Grade 3 English (IEO) : Analogy

An analogy compares two things that are mostly different from each other but have some traits in common. By showing a connection between two different things, writers help to explain something important about one thing by using a second thing you already know about.

  • moon : night :: sun : day
  • good : bad :: black : white
  • feather : bird :: fur : dog
  • gray : black :: pink : red
  • hot : oven :: cold : refrigerator
  • sing : sang :: sleep : slept
  • one : penny :: five : nickel
  • gas : car :: electricity : toaster
  • ski: snow :: raft : river
  • smile: frown :: pretty : ugly
  • cow : mammal :: snake : reptile
  • pencil : write :: scissors : cut
  • sound : ear :: aroma : nose
  • kitchen : cooking : bedroom : sleeping
  • apple : fruit :: carrot : vegetable
  • football : field :: tennis : court
  • near : far :: open : closed
  • umpire : baseball :: referee : soccer
  • turtle : crawl :: frog : hop
  • aunt : woman :: husband : man
  • wolf : pack :: fish : school
  • car : road :: boat : ocean
  • hungry : eat :: tired : sleep
  • artist : draw :: movie star : act
  • bow : arrow :: bat : ball

Making a Literary Analogy

  • Open is to closed as near is to…far
  • Soft is to loud as slow is to…fastLittle is to small as large is to…bigSmart is to intelligent as sly is to…trickyHonest is to dishonest as always is to…never

    Good is to bad as happy is to…sad

    Dark is to light as little is to…big

    Teacher is to school as doctor is to…hospital

    Mouth is to eat as feet are to…walk

    Book is to read as television is to…watch

    Fire is to hot as ice is to…cold

    Awful is to bad as fantastic is to…excellent

    Dirt is to brown as leaves are to…green

    Thirsty is to drink as hungry is to…eat

    Flower is to plant as dog is to…animal

    Rose is to flower as hammer is to…tool

    Up is to down as left is to…right

    Eyes are to see as fingers are to…touch

    Summer is to hot as winter is to…cold

    Banana is to yellow as carrot is to…orange

    Nurse is to hospital as waiter is to…restaurant

    Pencil is to write as knife is to…cut

    Good is to wonderful as tasty is to…scrumptious

    Hungry is to eat as tired is to…sleep

    Pork is to meat as French is to…language

    Bed is to bedroom as toilet is to…bathroom

    Finger is to hand as leaf is to…tree

  • Fascinating is to interesting as crucial is to…importantMountain is to high as valley is to…lowGold is to expensive as velvet is to…softMother is to female as rock is to…hardInfuriating is to annoying as devastated is to…sad

    Helicopter is to sky as submarine is to…water

    Unknown is to fame as ignorant is to…brilliant

    Nice is to unkind as hideous is to…beautiful

    Television is to watched as novel is to…read

    Pie is to dessert as bacon is to…meat

    Athlete is to fit as priest is to…spiritual

    Microwave is to heat as refrigerator is to…cold

    Comedy is to funny as tragedy is to…sad

    Brother is to sibling as father is to…parent

    Humiliated is to embarrassed as enraged is to…angry

    Train is to railroad as truck is to…street

    Optimism is to pessimism as success is to…failure

    Sunscreen is to skin as armor is to…body

    Spaghetti is to pasta as ketchup is to…condiment