Grade 3 Maths (IMO) : Number sense

Place value and Face value

Face value of a digit  is the digit itself whereas Place value can be termed as the location of the digit in the numeral.

The value of a place in the place value chart is 10 times the value of the place just to its right.

Expanded form

It is the sum of the place-values of all its digits. The expanded form of a number helps us to understand the number of ones in a number.

Method of Reading Numbers :

Divide the numbers into groups and then read from the left

Successor :

The number just after the given Number. Add 1 to get the successor of a number.

For ex : 5 is the successor of 4

Pre-Decessor :

The number just before the given number. Subtract 1 from a number to get its pre-decessor.

Ex : 3 is the pre-decessor of 4.

Comparision of numbers :

In both > and < signs, the closed side points towards the smaller number.