Grade 3 Science (NSO) : Food Part 2 – Methods of Cooking

Cooking of food

Cooking improves the flavor of food and also makes the food easier to chew and more digestible. Micro oirganisms present in the food are killed during cooking which makes the food safer to consume. Various methods of cooking are listed below :


Involves cooking the food at the boiling temperature of water ie 100 degree centigrade.

Example : Eggs , potatoes etc

Advantages :

Healthy  and fast as it does not require any oil

Softens food which makes it easier to chew.

Disadvantages :

Water soluble vitamins are lost.


Cooks food in dry heat in an enclosed space like a convection oven.

The dry heat involved in the baking process makes the outside of the food go brown, and keeps the moisture locked in.

Example: Pastries, bread , cake etc

Advantages :

Food cooked by baking is soft and easy to digest

Cooked with a set timer so does not require constant attention

Disadvantages : 

Takes time to cook food sometimes in hours.


Food is submerged in hot oil which gives it a crisp texture

Example : french fries, chips etc

Advantages :

Frying foods is quick and faster than preparing to cook a meal.

It is tasty .

Disadvantages : 

Oil, which is what fried foods are cooked with, is full of fat which is high in calories and bad for the body

Nutritional value of fried food is poor.

Heating vegetable oil above 300oc damages the oil thereby causing toxin formation in the food.

Fried foods clog arteries and most times lead to stroke.


It is a method that uses dry heat to cook the food item. Roasting is best used for larger pieces of meat or some types of vegetables

Advantages :

Many vitamins stay in the food rather than being cooked away

Requires less oil than frying.

Disadvantages : 

It takes a while for meat to roast thoroughly.


Uses dry heat from a gas , glowing charcoal or electric grill . This is similar to barbeque.

Example : Tikkas , grilled mushroom , grilled vegetables etc

Advantages :

Fast way of cooking

Requires less oil than frying.

Disadvantages : 

Surface of the food can easily get burnt if enough oil is not brushed.


Food is cooked by the water vapor or the steam produced by boiling water.

Example : Steamed vegetables, momos , Idli etc

Advantages :

Softens food which makes it easier to chew.

Requires little or no oil