IMO for class 1


Have tried breaking the syllabus given by IMO into smaller parts for better understanding.

Syllabus :

– Number sense


  • Simple word problems in addition.
  • Two digit addition
  • Number line addition
  • Abacus bead addition (more like 10’s and ones)


  • Concepts of 10’s and ones I subtraction
  • Simple word problems in subtraction
  • Two digit subtraction without carryover
  • Pictorial problems in subtraction

Lengths , weights and measures

  • Weight balance pictorial problems
  • Comparison of objects
  • Measuring in units


  • Days of the week
  • Different activities done during the day
  • Months in an year
  • Learning to read the calendar
  • Number of days in a month


  • Identification of coins (.50,1,2, 5,) and notes (5,10,50,100)
  • Count the money shown
  • Use of money in shopping activities

Geometrical shapes

  • Identify shapes in 2D and 3D Properties of shapes (rolls, slides etc.)
  • Counting shapes in a figure
  • Arranging shapes from smaller to bigger and vice versa
  • Grouping similar shapes

Logical and analytical reasoning

  • Number pattern -> Next number in the series/missing term in the series
  • Figure pattern -> Next number in the series/missing figure
  • Comparison -> inside/outside; on/under; above/below;
  • Finding odd one out
  • Arranging figures
  • Identifying shapes to complete the pattern
  • Grouping Making groups/identifying groups
  • Analogy : Finding relations between figures/ missing figures