IMO for Class 3 : Syllabus

Syllabus for Grade 3 

Number sense

  • Comparing numbers
  • Abacus and place value
  • Word problems

Computation Operations


  • Like Fractions
  • Concept of numerator and denominator
  • Addition and subtraction of fractions


  • Count the money shown
  • Use of money in shopping activities

Length,Weight,Quantity,Time And Temperature

  • Measuring quantities in units
  • Conversion of units
  • Time
  • Reading temperature in Centigrade/Farenheight


  • Identification of plane shapes/solids
  • Measuring total length of boundary
  • Indentification of types of lines,line segments and rays

Data Handling

  • Answer the questions using given information/picture graphs
  • Bar graphs

Logical and analytical reasoning

  • Number pattern -> Next number in the series/missing term in the series
  • Figure pattern -> Next number in the series/missing figure
  • Comparison -> inside/outside; on/under; above/below;
  • Finding odd one out
  • Arranging figures
  • Identifying shapes to complete the pattern
  • Grouping Making groups/identifying groups
  • Analogy : Finding relations between figures/ missing figures