IMO for grade 2

Have tried breaking the syllabus given by IMO into smaller parts for better understanding.

Syllabus :

Number sense

  • Numerals and number name (3 digits)
  • Comparing Numbers
  • Arranging numbers in ascending or descending order
  • Abacus and Places values
  • Expanded form
  • Even and odd numbers
  • Formation of a number from given digits/information

Computation Operations

  • Addition/subtraction of 2 and 3 digit numbers
  • Identification of correct addition and subtraction sentences
  • Multiplication as repeated addition
  • Identification of missing number bond using addition/subtraction
  • Finding the value of missing figure or symbol in figure sentence
  • Word problems of addition/subtraction

Length, weight and Capacity

  • Measuring length using ruler
  • Measuring the weight using weighing scale
  • Compare the lengths and weights
  • Measuring length,weight and capacity using their standard units
  • Measuring capacity
  • Word problems

Time and Money

  • Read the time using clock
  • Days, week and Months in an year
  • Relation of hours, minutes and seconds
  • Measuring the time spent in activities
  • Reading the calendar
  • Calculating total money using given currency
  • Word prolems in money

– Lines , Shapes and Solids

  • Identification of shapes and solids with their names
  • Identification of shapes used to form solids
  • Counting of number of shapes , solids,slanting lines, sleeping lines, curved lines, straight lines, vertical lines, horiontal lines in geometrical figures
  • Number of corners, sides and faces of geometrical figures


Finding the next term /next figure in the number/figure pattern

Finding the missing term / figure in the number/figure pattern


  • Answer the questions based on the data in pictograph/picture graph

Logical and analytical reasoning

  • Number pattern / Figure pattern
  • Ranking test
  • Coding -Decoding (‘means’, ‘called’)
  • Finding odd one out
  • Arranging figures
  • Identifying shapes to complete the pattern
  • Embedded figures
  • Analogy : Finding relations between figures/ missing figures