Grade 3 science (NSO) : Animals


Lets brush up on the basics first. The class 1 lessons will give a nice overview of the animal life.

Animals: Classification


Animals:Collective nouns


Animals:Animal homes

Animals:Sounds animals make

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Grade 2 Science (NSO) : Understanding family tree

Family Tree

One of the topics in NSO which is pretty confusing is understanding the relationship among individuals in a family.

The questions are never direct and the kid needs to have a good understanding to attempt these questions.

I am putting across some tips which would help in attempting these questions.

  1. Make it visual :  I have tried making this extended family tree which should help the kids in getting a better understanding of the relations.

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Grade 2 Math : Money

Images of indian currency




2re 5re1


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Grade 1 Math : Number sense : Before, Between, and After

Before, Between, and After

With each number, be familiar on what comes…

number line

BEFORE – the numbers in front (left) of a particular number

BETWEEN Рthe number in the middle (center) of two specific numbers

AFTER – the number which is next (right) to a specific number




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Grade 2 : Weather and The Sky: Earth and Sky fundamentals


The Earth is the third planet from the Sun. We all live on Earth and it is currently the only planet where evidence of life exists.Of the eight planets in the Solar System, the Earth is one of the inner planets and is made of rock and metal.

The raised part of land are called hills and mountains. An area thickly covered with trees is called a forest. Part of the earth covered with water are oceans,seas, rivers lakes and ponds.

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Human Beings : Clothes we wear

Clothes we wear in different seasons.


Clothes we wear according to our profession.

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Safety: Traffic rules


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