Grade 2 Science (NSO) : Good habits and safety rules

Before starting lets take a look at the Grade 1 lessons

Human beings: Good habits

Safety: Safety rules

Safety: Traffic rules

Safety: Activities and worksheets

Safety Rules

Safety rules at home :

  • Do not play with match sticks, scissors, switches, plugs , fire, knives etc
  • Keep things in proper places afetr using them
  • Immediately inform an adult if you get hurt

Safety rules on the road

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Grade 3 science (NSO) : Animals


Lets brush up on the basics first. The class 1 lessons will give a nice overview of the animal life.

Animals: Classification


Animals:Collective nouns


Animals:Animal homes

Animals:Sounds animals make

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An Adjective is a describing word and tells about a Person, a Place , an animal and a thing.

Some tips on recognising an adjective :

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Grade 1 : Logical and analytical reasoning

Reasoning tips and tricks 

Finding the odd one out

Step 1 : Look out for common things

Step 2 : Find a pattern in the similarities

Step 3 : Which one is different and why ? Cross out the similar ones.

Step 4 : Mark the answer .

Example :


 What comes next

Step 1 : Look at the changes / similarities between each diagram

Step 2 : Look for a pattern in the changes

Step 3 : Do the different changes one at a time.

Step 4 : Look out for the right option

Example :


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Grade 3 Maths : Geometrical shapes

Geometrical shapes


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Grade 1 Math : Number sense: Greater than, less than and equal to




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Grade 1 Math : Number sense : Before, Between, and After

Before, Between, and After

With each number, be familiar on what comes…

number line

BEFORE – the numbers in front (left) of a particular number

BETWEEN – the number in the middle (center) of two specific numbers

AFTER – the number which is next (right) to a specific number




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