Phonics: Introduction and worksheets

Learning to read using phonics

This is our first post on phonics. As we all know its very important to start reading at a very early age and the best method to help us achieve these is phonics.


Helping your child learn how to recognize letters and sounds is the first step in teaching him/her to read. Once your child understands that the sounds in words can be represented with letters , he/she will be able to read words.

Lets start taking baby steps and start our phonics activities. But it is very important to practice writing letters and words.

Learning how to spell phonetic words will give your child a very solid foundation.

Here are some tips to help your child how to read, write and spell. Also I will be posting new question banks every week for that important practice session.

Go on an alphabet hunt. Find letters in books , newspapers , magazines etc.

Kids love watching their mom cooking so why not also make it a learning activity. Ask him/her about the food items and find vowel sound in each word.

Help your child to make a list of new words he/she learns to read and update the list everyday.

And last but the most important point . Praise your child’s effort with a sticker and a hug 🙂

Practice sheets

Phonics_book 1_Part_1

Phonics_book 1_Part_2

Phonics_book 1_Part_3

Phonics_book 1_Part_4

Phonics_book 2_Part_1

Phonics_book 2_Part_2

Phonics_book 2_Part_3

Phonics_book 2_Part_4

Phonics_book 2_Part_5