Taming the tables – Tips to introduce multiplication

Some tips and tricks to start multiplication which will help you in  knowing  your times tables. I followed this approach with my daughter (she is in grade 1 rt now) and am very happy with the results. She does not have any apprehensions of which table is asked and does a quick mental maths if she does not know the answer.

Tips to approach the concept of multiplication :

I explained these concepts using lego pieces . You can use anything small and handy.

  1. Now that the kids know 2 digit addition the best approach to start multiplication is by asking them to do  repeated addition. Ask them to count the objects in groups of 2 then 3 and so on.
  2. Once they are thorough with repeated addition you can ask them to do skip counting.
  3. Ask them to divide the total number of objects into equal groups.
  4. Arrange the total number of objects in an array of row and column.

Below is a figure to illustrate how multiplication can be introduced to kids.


    • Multiplication is repeated addition. For example: 3 x 4 means 3 groups of 4 or 4 + 4 + 4 = 12
    • Multiplication is equal groups. 3 x 4 might be shown with 3 circles and 4 dots in each one.
    • Multiplication is commutative. If solving 8 x 2 (8 groups of 2), does the child count by 2’s eight times, or perhaps make it more efficient by changing it around to make it 2 x 8 (2 groups of 8 — and adding 8 + 8)?
    • Multiplication can be shown with arrays. If kids are drawing arrays to help solve, watch how they are computing the product. Are they counting one dot at a time? Or are they grouping some rows or columns together to make this method more efficient.
    • Multiplication can be shown by skip counting.

My video explaining the right approach to times tables so that it makes it very easy for the kids. Do watch the video and drop me a feedback.

Tips for tables from 2 to 10


Tips for tables 11 and 12


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  1. Very nice consolidation of strategies and tricks . Found it really helpful for the kids to master the tables.

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